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Attestation: By submitting this GDPR Data Subject Rights Request form, I certify that I am completing this form in good faith on behalf of myself or on behalf of another person who I am entitled to act on behalf of. I further acknowledge that depending on the nature of my request, an Allergan plc employee/representative may need to contact me using the information I have provided to help process my request. Additionally, I understand that my personal data I have submitted in this request form will be transferred to other Allergan affiliates and contracted third parties acting on behalf of Allergan worldwide to process my request. Some of these Allergan affiliates and contracted third parties acting on behalf of Allergan may be in countries that do not ensure an adequate level of data protection.
Nevertheless, all of Allergan’s affiliates and contracted third parties are required to treat the personal data you submit as part of this request in accordance with Allergan’s Privacy Statement and Terms of Use (which can be found at, including Allergan’s commitment to comply with the terms of the EU-US and Swiss-US Privacy Shield certifications and other applicable cross-border data transfer mechanisms. For further details on how Allergan process your data you can access the Allergan privacy policy available here.